Group Medical Benefits

Your employees are truly your greatest asset and in order to protect that asset you need to ensure they are healthy and happy.  That’s where group medical benefits come in.  In addition to acting as a competitive employment incentive, group medical benefits provide peace of mind to your employees, allowing them to worry less about themselves and their families to focus more on doing the best job they can at work.

Whether you have three employees or a three thousand, we can provide an plan that suits the needs of your employees and your budget.

Key Person Insurance

Most companies rely on the special corporate knowledge, skills and networks of a key group of executive-level employees. In the event of the untimely death or disability of one of these key team members, your business could be put in serious jeopardy. Key Person insurance protects your company, providing financial support upon the loss of a key stakeholder. This gives your employees, creditors, customers and suppliers confidence in the ability of your company to conduct business as usual.

Insured Buy and Sell Agreements

Business owners need the assurance that if one of the partners or shareholders dies or becomes disabled, the company is still protected in both a financial and leadership perspective.  They also want to know that in the event of their own death their family is fairly compensated for the appropriate share of the business. Using a variety of insurance products, we can help draft a buy sell agreement that suits the personal and professional needs of your partnership, giving confidence to everyone involved that assets and ownership are protected.