Life Insurance

Life is uncertain. You likely spent most of today taking care of the people you love. So what happens tomorrow when for unseen circumstances you’re not there?  Life insurance pays a tax-free, cash benefit when you die, giving you peace of mind today that your loved ones will be looked after tomorrow.  Whether you’re young or older, we’ll show you how life insurance can be affordable and beneficial for everyone involved, now and in the years to come.

Long Term Care Insurance

While no one likes to think of a future that includes illness, aging or injury, the fact is that some day we will all probably require some form of long term care. Whether it’s special medical care in your own home or a stay in a long term care facility, these essential services are expensive and not always fully covered by Canada’s universal health care.  With the right type of coverage, we can help ensure that when the time comes, you’ll get the help you need without affecting your savings, your assets or your dignity.

Disability Insurance

Accidents happen. In fact, accidents happen with more frequency than you might think with 1 in 3 people becoming disabled for 90 days or more before they reach the age of 65.  Disability insurance protects you from a possible loss of income in the event you become disabled, either temporarily or long term.  Workers Compensation only covers accidents that are work related and Employment Insurance only covers 15 weeks so you need to have a back up plan.  Our expertise can help you get the right disability insurance, guaranteeing that in the event you are injured, you’ll be able to concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about your family finances.

Personal Health Insurance

While Canadians enjoy a universal healthcare system, there are still significant gaps in coverage for basic but essential services that affect our every day health like dental, eye care and prescription drugs.  We can help you find the best personal benefits plan that provides comprehensive coverage for the total health of you and your family.

Critical Illness Insurance

Heart attack. Cancer. Multiple sclerosis.  Stroke. Alzheimer’s. These are just some of the life-altering diseases that commonly strike Canadians of all ages and income levels. If you are diagnosed with one of these diseases, it not only affects your ability to earn income, it can require significant expense in order to get the care you need – expenses not covered by government health care programs. Our critical illness insurance plans gives you the financial support you need before, during and after treatment to use the way you need it most

Travel Insurance

Today’s travellers invest significant amounts of their hard-earned savings to enjoy those special vacations with family and friends. Travel insurance is a means of protecting that initial investment in the event an unforeseen event occurs which forces you to cancel your trip. Once on your trip, your travel insurance protects you, your family and your belongings until you return home. Travel insurance plans combine cancellation, interruption, medical, accident and baggage protection with extensive, worldwide 24-hour emergency assistance services. More information…